Xbox One S review: how’s it held up?

Sorry Xbox One, Xbox One S is the best current gen console!

In 2013, when the Xbox One was revealed it was clear who the winner of that console generation was going to be. On it’s own, the console looked like a 1980’s VCR. In contrast, the Playstation 4 was sleek, slim, and had a better design overall. Come 2016, the Xbox One S (slim) was released. Let’s be honest: This is the Xbox we should’ve gotten in 2013.

The design was much improved, the box itself lost a lot of weight, and now it could actually look good in a home gaming setup. The Xbox One S also brought some new features to the table that even sony hadn’t matched. The console now supports 4K ultra HD blu-ray disks, as well as HDR enhancements on some of it’s first party titles like Forza Horizon 3 and Gears of War 4. Dolby Spatial audio is also available for compatible headsets and speakers which will provide very good situational awareness, especially for those that play a lot of FPS games. Not that it makes a huge difference in game, but the hardware in the system is now slightly faster than the previous Xbox One. The console also got a much needed software refresh, the User Interface is much cleaner, and more logically laid out.

Xbox One S stats-optimized

One of my favorite features within Xbox One is “looking for group” . This smart feature allows gamers a very easy way to find people to play with, in the games that they want to play in. It works both ways too, if your in a game but want to play with others in that game, all you have to do is go to the specific games community hub and scroll through the list of postings to see what would work for you and your playstyle. On the other hand if your in a game but need others to play with, you can make a custom post describing what you will be doing, how many players you will need, when it starts, and some simple descriptive tags as well. A more recently added feature on Xbox is the addition of spotify. I cannot describe how awesome it is to have music blasting through my TurtleBeach headset while blasting through the Australian countryside in Forza Horizon 3. Having background music always makes for a nice experience when you just want to relax and play some games, Or when you want to make a metallica playlist and start grinding out on Gears of War. The audio controls within the new Interface are nicely put together as well, it’s so easy for me to balance game sound, music volume, and voice chat quickly by tapping the home button once.

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I think that the Xbox One S provides a solid media entertainment device confined to a sleek modern looking console. Over time I believe that it will sell more due to being the cheaper option compared to the Xbox One X. It’s also cool how Phil Spencer say’s they’re dedicated to producing games and accessories that work across all their current console systems. This can be a good or bad decision based on how you look at it but that’s a different topic of discussion. If you’re in the market for a new console, I would highly recommend waiting for the much anticipated Xbox One X. I only say that in the hopes of future proofing your purchase, however if you need a new system today, TheĀ Xbox One S makes a respectable choice.

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