Xbox One Patrol Tech Controller Review: A worthy mid-range upgrade.

After releasing the Xbox One S, it only made sense that we see more first party peripherals, and the new Patrol Tech controller lineup is a nice refresh from the standard black gamepad we’ve grown accustomed to.

Xbox blue patrol tech controller image-optimized


A more “premium” option. 

While many gamers are just fine with the standard Xbox controller, there are always those that want a little something extra, and that’s where the Patrol Tech fits the bill.

It takes some of the more premium features from the Elite controller, and puts them in a standard package.

  • The rubberized diamond patterned grip on the underside adds a nice touch, and mitigates palm sweat.
  • On the front side, the two golden triangular grid patterns are texturized, and provide better grip than the plastic matte finish on the regular gamepads.
  • The Patrol Tech also has what appears to be some hieroglyphs in the center of it, as well as four suttle color references to the A,B,X,Y buttons.

A more original aesthetic.

Since previous Xbox gamepads have been themed after popular games, the patrol/Recon tech controllers aim to make a statement of their own. It’s nice to see graphics on a gamepad that aren’t in direct reference to any one game, but more of a custom “style” that suits the gamer who holds it.

blue patrol tech controller side image-optimized


Verdict: If money is no object, then I recommend the Xbox One Elite Controller for it’s build quality, amazing customization, and paddle triggers. However that’s not to say the Standard Xbox One gamepad isn’t a solid option, and for $10 more, you’re getting a much more pleasing design, better grips, and something that stands out from the rest. The fact is, many gamers aren’t willing to pay $150 for all the features that come with the Elite, and so the Patrol Tech is a nice in-between compromise for those that want a more premium controller without breaking the bank. Check it out on Amazon if you’re interested in getting the Xbox One Patrol Tech wireless gamepad.

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