Xbox One or PC, which Is the better gaming platform?

Xbox One or PC, which will you play on?

My hobby of gaming started out with Forza Horizon on the Xbox 360. To this day I still play on Xbox as well as PC gaming on my laptop. At that time I was not aware of game exclusivity between platforms, and was just having fun like any other kid with an Xbox. There’s a good selection of exclusive games only available on Xbox like the Forza series, The gears of War games, and of course lets not forget Halo.

On the flipside, there’s actually more exclusive games available on PC, many are not triple AAA titles but nonetheless there’s many good ones out there like League of Legends, Counterstrike Global Offensive, and World of Warcraft to name a few.  A big bonus on PC is that you can do much more than just play games, you can browse the web, do school work, email, and media consumption etc. A PC is just more versatile than a console, which can be good for some and pointless for others. Xbox on the other hand is good at doing primarily one thing: play games. The Xbox One S has a very well laid out customizable interface, many popular content streaming apps, and very good integration with games   ( I can play games while listening to Bob Marley in the background using Spotify!). I think Xbox does a really good job of making a well rounded console that does more than just play great games.

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I personally find it really cool that xbox One makes it so easy to find new people to play games with, however having Steam and Discord isn’t all that bad either. It all comes down to your preference. Another big difference between gaming on Xbox One and on PC is the keyboard/mouse VS The good old handheld controller. Many say that using a keyboard and mouse is superior to a controller due to accuracy and a wide range of input options, and that is all true. Controllers however, are absolutely the better choice if your doing couch gaming, or your TV is farther away. I always find convenience in the fact that local splitscreen multiplayer is a viable option when you have the squad over, many games allow up to 4 players on one system. Comfort is another factor that Xbox Controllers excel in, they feel more ergonomic to me and are better for longer gaming sessions.

A possible downside to Xbox One gaming is that you will have to pay for their online service ($60 for 12 months is the best deal). I don’t see it as a downside however because you’re paying for the well designed interface as well as very stable network reliability when gaming. On PC, servers are all handled without payment so your good to go but you won’t get the perks of four free games each month as well as better game discounts in the Xbox store. Steam does have it’s sales, I just don’t find the games as appealing as the one’s discounted on the Xbox store. If you value ease of use, network reliablility, quality game titles, comfortable controller, and an all in one entertainment system then go with Xbox One.

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If you prefer a more customizable gaming setup, bigger focus on MOBA games, the heavily opinionated PC master race, more value long term, more exclusive titles, and keyboard/mouse then go with a PC. Neither of these platforms are disappearing anytime soon, each one has it’s pros and cons, and both are really great options. I hope this made your decision a little easier. If you’d like, you can also check out my review of the Xbox One S  if you’re interested in getting a quality gaming console.

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