Xbox One Elite Controller: should you get it?

Do you want to get better at FPS on console? then check out the Xbox One Elite Controller!

I did, and I love it. The retail price of this controller is $150, however if you manage to pick it up for less I’d say you’re getting a good deal. As soon as you begin unboxing it, you’ll see the quality that comes with it. One nice suprise which I didn’t realize, is that it comes with a hard clamshell carrying case to protect it and store all the acessories. If you’re traveling with it then this would be a nice addition.

The controller itself has a noticebly higher build quality than any other xbox controller I’ve held. The weight of the controller is also a fair bit heavier than a standard one, which is good if you tend to grip your controller tightly in intense FPS firefights like I do. The top of the controller has a nice matte black rubberized texture to it which feels a lot better in the hand than the standard plastic that can eventually get slippery to hold. One of my favorite features on the controller is the diamond patterned gray rubber texture on the bottom of the controller that gives you a lot better grip When holding it. It should be noted that all acessories for the Elite controller can be removed, and swapped around since they are held on via magnets.

Xbox elite controller accessories-optimized

The customization options for the Elite controller are phenomenal. Four paddle buttons on the underside of the controller align perfectly to where your fingers would naturally rest when holding it, which makes them great for mapping buttons to. I think the intended use for the paddles are to remap buttons to that you would otherwise have to take your thumb off the joystick to press, having tested this I can say it is super helpful in winning gunfights on the Call of Duty WW2 Beta. Drop shotting has never been easier when you have the A and B buttons remapped to the paddles so you can continue firing while going prone at the same time. This is also perfect for manually shifting up and down gears in Forza Horizon 3. I’m so much better at drifting corners now that I can control the gas and brakes while being able to shift all at the same time.

I think the Elite controller benefits FPS players the most though. hair trigger locks on both triggers allow you to halve the time it takes you to pull the trigger, In a gunfight you will almost always be the one to aim and fire first which can give you a clear edge over the competition. In terms of customization, there are three joystick options: standard concave, taller concave, and medium heighth domed joysticks. I prefer the domed joysticks because they are a bit taller than the standard one’s, which increase accuracy in general, and the dome shape allows me to roll my thumb easier resulting in better positioning.

Xbox controller halo 5 config-optimized

You will notice that below the home button on the Xbox One Elite Controller is a slider button which lets you switch between two button configurations on the fly. This is an awesome feature that is so nice to have, and you won’t have to open up the Xbox acessories app just to change the preset. Remapping buttons is super simple, the rumble vibration can be increased or decreased as well, and you can also rename your configurations so you know which one’s you’re using.

I do believe that the Xbox One Elite Controller can benefit anyone who play’s any game that requires you to move your thumb off the joysticks to press a button. The paddles completely solve this problem, while at the same time giving you tons of other possiblities. The hair trigger locks can shorter the time it takes you to aim and fire. The rubber grips prevent your hands from slipping. The swappable D-pad is great for fighting games. The higher joysticks can help you improve your accuracy as well as speed. If you like good build quality, tons of customization, and an accessory that works with all current and upcoming microsoft consoles, then the Xbox One Elite controller is a fantastic way to go. Check it out here if you’re interested in getting it, because you won’t be disappointed with thisĀ awesome controller.

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