Xbox gaming community, why is it the best?

Do you want to be part of a fun, passionate community? Go with the Xbox gaming community!

Video games started out as a fun little pastime, where you and your friends went down to the arcade after school to play some Space Invaders or Pacman, and now its morphed into a worldwide subculture. If you’re in the market for a new system or you want to try something new, or maybe you’re getting into gaming for the first time, then this is the article for you.

When you finally decide to flip the switch and start scouring the internet looking for the right gaming platform that will fit your needs, you may notice that there are A LOT of great options out there. Maybe you’ve heard of Playstation? maybe you’ve heard of Xbox? maybe you’ve heard of Nintendo? or maybe you’ve heard of the PC master race that beats all other competition? (That was sarcasm..) The point is that there are many ways to play videogames, and what it all really comes down to is the games. Each gaming platform has their own exclusive games that aren’t available on any other system. Xbox for example has State of Decay, The Halo trilogy, and the Forza racing series to name a few big titles. I primarily play on the Xbox One S, which is my preferred platform.

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Choosing which platform to game on comes down to a few questions you’ll have to ask yourself: What platform do my friends play games on? What exclusive games am I interested in, if any? Will I be using it for media consumption like netflix or Hulu?. I find that the Xbox interface is well laid out for watching Netflix and sometimes renting movies, it’s also super easy if you have the Xbox app which you can use as a media remote instead of the game controller itself. If you decide to get on with the Xbox gaming community, do note that if you plan on doing any online gaming, you will need their subscription service called Xbox Live gold, which will cost you $60 a year. The price is well warranted though because with it you’re getting a really solid gaming experience in most multiplayer games, you’ll get 4 free games each month, weekly game deals, and system updates that make it perform better.

With the addition of a new feature called “Looking for Group”, Xbox makes it incredibly easy to find other gamers that share you’re interests. All you have to do is search the game you want to play in, look for lucrative posts, or create your own and gather a team. Another simple way to find people to play with is searching for specific gamer created clubs, where people can chat, share in-game captures, and gather groups of people to play with in specific games that the club is built around. I use these features all the time and have yet to find any truly toxic players, which leads me to say that the Xbox gaming community as a whole is pretty easy going, and are just looking to have fun which is what gaming is all about.

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The fun factor on the Xbox gaming community is through the roof, I love getting on and getting set up with a 4 man team in Black Ops 3 Zombies and doing high rounds while listening to spotify in the background. Or maybe jumping on Rocket League and getting super pumped up when you get the game ending score. The possiblities are endless when it comes to having a lot of fun on Xbox which is why I absolutely love it. Xbox has a small library of games that are designated as “Play Anywhere” titles. What this means is that you can buy these certain games once either on a Windows 10 PC or on Xbox One, and you can play it on both platforms. Of course, all your game data will be saved, you can be playing on Xbox, and then hop right on over to PC and pick up where you left off. I always liked this concept and am working towards building a custom PC so If I feel like running my games in a higher quality I can, and sometimes I’d rather just sit at my desk and game instead of out on the couch. Your setup might be different, however I hope you get the idea: options are good.

In the future many of the Xbox Play Anywhere titles will have an unlocked frame rate and a lot more customizable graphics settings which will be great for those of you with a high end PC. If you want great exclusives, a solid media entertainment device, and a great way to relax and meet new people, then look no further than Xbox One. I’ve found this console to have the most options in terms of game varieties, a very customizable home menu, and the integration with Windows 10 gaming and the Xbox app that makes it really stand out. Check out this Xbox One S 1TB Console  if you’re interested in jumping on the Xbox bandwagon. 

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