Why you suck at FPS games, and how to get better at them.

Maybe it’s the saltiness, maybe it’s the lag. blame whatever you want, but read on if you truly want to get better at FPS games.I’m primarily an Xbox gamer, so I use the Xbox One Elite controller which you can check out a full review of here. The tactics discussed in this article can be applied to any FPS game you play, so lets go!

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CrossHair positioning: Have you ever been in a situation where everything was in your favor? you had the better positioning, the better weapon, and your team was counting on you. Just like an old western standoff, it was you against him or her. Mono E mono. 1V1 me scrub. However when it came down to it, you lost. They flicked that perfect headshot right at you, while at the same time you only aimed for the legs, and maybe the waist area. This was your first mistake. Always aim at chest level, and higher. Damage multipliers in game will give you the advantage of dealing more than the oppponent who only aimed at body mass. mentally train yourself to always aim high.

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Awareness: As you probably already know, many FPS games have MiniMaps up in the top left or right hand section of your screen. The purpose of a MiniMap is to display when, and where a weapon was fired, as well as in-game objectives. Use this to your advantage. It’s easy to get caught up in aiming your weapon at everything that moves, however, you can train your peripheral vision to see what’s happening on the MiniMap. This will allow you to constantly stay focused on what’s in front of you while at the same time, using your peripheral vision to spot where the enemies are at. Keep in mind that when an enemy runs a suppressor attachment, it cancels out the MiniMap because they can fire all they want, and nothing will show up. I’ve played many matches where I was looking at the MiniMap, the enemy fired, and I knew exactly where they were in relation to my position. You know what happens next.

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Input sensitivity: It seriously took me a long time to figure this one out. Many times I would be in a situation where I took aim, and somehow my crosshairs wizzed right by the enemy. How could that be??? It’s easy to think the higher you have your sensitivity set, the faster you’ll get on target. In reality this usually doesn’t work, unless you got mad skill. The best way to get better with your aim is to start at a very low sensitivity, get good with that, and then work your way up until you’re at a level where you can move your weapon across the screen fairly fast. Give it some time, and you’ll be flicking headshots like it’s nothing. Hope this helps out!

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