What’s the future of Minecraft, and Mojang?

As amazing as it is to have free updates in Minecraft, I think it might be time for Mojang to make a change.

So you’re probably thinking: “What the hell’s up with this dude?? my gaming hobby is already absurdly expensive, and you’re saying I should have to pay for updates to a game I already own!?!”. Well hold up there cowboy, because I’ve got some things to say.

In the videogame industry, there’s always two groups of people who look at where a game is going, what it needs, and how it can be improved. These two groups of people are the Developers that created the game, and the gamers who play the game. We’ve all seen it: a game is released only to have tons of problems, bugs, lack of content, and generally ends up not being worth your money. Minecraft is not one of these games. Also check out my review of Minecraft here. When the PC build for the game was released, its popularity grew at a rapid rate. Microsoft saw the potential in the game and bought it outright. Minecraft is not an Xbox Exclusive however, quite the opposite actually. The game is available on 11 different platforms, and the list is only getting bigger.

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Minecraft is also not gonna have a sequel. This is a game that is being updated over time, and while the game has improved exponetially, I think that the full potential hasn’t been reached yet. There’s a definite reason for this too. The game costs $20 upfront. Skin packs are available to purchase, as well as theme packs, and Realms subscriptions are all available as in game microtransactions. So That’s pretty much it for how Mojang makes money off Minecraft. That being said, from the developers standpoint, they have fairly little incentive to bring fresh, fun, new content to the game, because in the end they know that they won’t make any money from it due to the updates being completely free. So what happens when Mojang doesn’t have good reason to update a game? they stop updating it, or bring less frequent updates, and not very exciting updates at that. On average we’ve been getting updates for Minecraft around every 6 months. I get that it takes time for the developers to launch an update, however for the time it’s been taking, I think we’ve been getting much less new content than we should.

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This is where I come in and say that Mojang should implement paid DLC. It’s simple: if they knew they had gamers like us willing to pay for new content, then you can bet that they’re going to do their best to bring the greatest updates possible in the quickest amount of time. It’s exciting to think about what all could be added into Minecraft through future DLC as well:

  • birds flying in the sky
  • dynamic weather systems
  • underwater shipwrecks
  • jungle villages
  • jungle tree houses
  • hostile NPC outposts
  • hostile mega castles with amazing loot hidden inside
  • nomadic NPC travelers that could be traded with
  • new dimensions to explore, and new bosses to fight
  • rare dragons in the overworld, that could be tamed with determination
  • more tameable pets, like turtles, eagles, rabbits, and snakes
  • new biomes like active volcanoes, Nether rifts, deep sea trenches, and coral reefs

In the end, I don’t think that paying for future DLC is all that bad. The developers at Mojang need to make money somehow, and we as gamers want Minecraft to be the best that it can be so why not make a compromise. I’m hoping this will be the next big step for Minecraft, because as of right now, the future of the game is unclear. Minecraft is an amazing game with a lot of potential, and I’d love to see it stick around for awhile. If you’re interested in getting the game then check out this cheapĀ Minecraft Xbox One S bundle .

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