What is Net Neutrality, and how can we protect it?

Net Neutrality has come to the surface a lot more in the past few months so lets find out what it is, and why we need it to stick around. 

I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know this was a thing until about a week ago. So Net Neutrality is currently the only US law that stands in the way of Internet Service Providers from blocking our access to certain websites, and then charging us money if we want to visit to them. This is an interesting argument because it’s so clear as to what could happen. On the one hand, there’s the ISP’s which would love to charge the general public for acceptable internet speeds, and make a sh*t ton of money. On the other hand, pretty much all citizens worldwide know this is a terrible idea, and we want the internet to stay free to the public. It’s a case of the corporate powers constantly trying to gain more control, and make more money off us. I think a better thing to do would be for the ISP’s to make our existing Internet faster, and then give us the CHOICE of upgrading to get even quicker speeds. Many Americans don’t even have the option of getting wired internet to their homes. That should be the main priority in my opinion.

  • So how does this affect us gamers? 

If ISP’s started charging us for what i’m gonna assume would be called “the videogame package”, they would throttle down our speeds most likely to the point of unplayability, and then charge us to get basically the same speeds we had to start. Console gamers would get the worst of it. On top of a yearly online subscription, we would also have to pay an internet usage fee, and of course PC gamers would have to pay the price as well. The good news is that we can support the FCC in this battle against the ISP’s by voting for Net Neutrality to stick around. Click here to help save Net neutrality!

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