TurtleBeach Elite Pro headset: best headset ever?

Audio is just as important as graphics, so arm yourself with the TurtleBeach Elite Pro Headset!

When you think of what makes a great Video Game, some things that come to mind are the mechanics within the game, the visuals, and the amazing graphics we all come to expect for our games. Something that I think gets overlooked a little too often is the Audio in a game.

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Audio is actually very important in many games, like in Rainbow Six Seige for example, where it can give you an extreme tactical advantage over your enemy. Or maybe it can be as simple as enhancing the well composed music in the background of a cutscene. Other times it could help build that suspense as you realize something awesome is about to happen in the game. Whatever the specific purpose audio serves in your game, the main goal of all audio is to help immerse you in the game.

After reading many headset reviews online I learned something: There will always be a few tradeoffs to consider when you go buy a headset. Whether it be the build quality, the sound quality, design aesthetics, price, or how it fits on your head. You’ll have to make the decision on what you value more, comfort or audio? Design or or aesthetics? Build quality or price? I think the TurtleBeach Elite Pro headset has the best balance of all these qualities, and that’s what makes it my preferred gaming headset.

TurtleBeach is a pretty well known brand when it comes to gaming hardware, and especially headsets. A nice quality to note is that the Elite Pro headset is compatible with all platforms including PC, mobile, Xbox, and Playstation which makes it very multiuse. My main use for the headset is of course for immersive  Xbox gaming, however I also find myself using it for watching movies on my laptop. The plush leather earcups, and memory foam headband make it super comfortable to wear for more than a few hours, which would be a must have for all you Destiny fans out there who go questing for hours on end with your friends.

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Build quality is probably the most important aspect to consider when looking for a good headset because all other qualities like sound, and comfort are largely determined by how well the actual headset is put together. The Elite Pro is mostly hard plastic, but has steel reinforcements where it’s needed in order to stay lightweight. The joints where the earcups rotate are made of steel, and the adjustable headband has a steel frame to maintain its shape while also remaining flexible. Adjustability is a huge bonus for this headset because the designers factored in everything. The headband has a tensioning system that allows it to be tightened or loosened depending on how much you want it to clamp on to your head. The sides of the headset have 3 ratcheting notches on the earcups so it’ll fit any head height you have. Even if you wear glasses, you’ll still be covered because the earcups have a tightening system that makes a little indent in each earcup which then won’t put pressure on your glasses.

Sound quality is a subjective topic because it’s all opinion based, so I’ll do my best to keep it broad. The Elite Pro headset is designed for gaming, not for recording music in a studio. I believe that for the money, you are gettting a quality headset that has good 50mm drivers which can deliver multidirectional surround sound and pick up suttle noises that earbuds or speakers wouldn’t be able to. The included detachable mic is also exceptional, everyone one that I play online with say they can hear me crystal clear. The wired cable has an inline volume control wheel, and a mic cutoff switch which can come in very handy at times when your mom walks in, and you don’t want to get roasted by everyone in the party chat.

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Overall, the Elite Pro headset gives gamers the best balance of comfort, sound quality, and features to make it a worthwhile investment if you’re looking to do some casual or competitive gaming, and maybe watch movies with it like me on occasion. The aesthetics of the headset are also simple yet look very nice with the black, and suttle orange accents. For $200 This headset would be the best investment to make if you want a quality product that will last for years to come, and provide great audio immersion to make your gaming experience a whole lot better. I hope this helps, and if you’d like to check out the TurtleBeach Elite Pro Headset, I doubt you’ll be disappointed with it. Thanks for reading, and let me know of any future reviews you would like me to do in the comments below!

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