Top 5 best Xbox Accessories for upgrading your game time!

Check out these cool Xbox Accessories if you want to make your gaming setup even better!

Once you buy an Xbox, a few good games, and get your Xbox Live Gold subscription you’ll be thinking “this is all I need right?”. Wrong, and here’s why: Once you discover the Xbox Accessories market for gamers, you’ll be finding ways left and right to upgrade your gaming experience, which in my opinion, is definitely worth it. Here I’ve found 5 accessories that can enhance your experience, provide a way to capture those awesome moments, and give your console some extra life span. 

turtlebeach headset-optimized

The first, and definitely most important accessory would have to be theTurtleBeach Elite Pro headset. I did a full review of this headset if you’re interested in checking it out here. This is the headset I use on a daily basis because it’s just amazing. The Build quality is exceptional, comfort is awesome, and audio quality is decent. Headsets are where you’ll want to make a good investment because they can give you a tactical edge in battle where you can hear your enemies coming, or maybe you just like listening to spotify while cruising in Forza Horizon 3. Either way, headsets just make gaming much better in general. This is an awesome addition if you’re looking for Xbox Accessories that can really immerse you in your game. check it out on amazon, if you’re interested in getting the TurtleBeach Elite Pro Headset.
Elgato HD60s capture device -optimized

Another handy device to have with your Xbox Accessories is the Elgato HD60s capture card. This gadget acts as a way to record gameplay from your console in up to 1080P at 60FPS. The only catch is that you will need a computer nearby in order to save the footage onto the hard drive for easy access. The upside to this is If you have or are thinking about starting a youtube gaming channel, then this should be the first piece of hardware you pick up because your videos will look  high quality, and be on par with all the other content already out there. The card is compatible with Xbox, PC, and PS4. The control software is also exceptionally easy to use, and receives regular updates. I’ve used this capture card before, and it’s definitely the better of all other choices out there. Check it out here if you’re interested in getting the Elgato HD60s capture one s seagate hard drive -optimized

If you’re like me, and you made the slight mistake of getting an Xbox One S with a 500GB hard drive, then this might be something you’ll need soon, if not right now. The Seagate Xbox One Hard drive is more than just a simple storage solution for your media. Unlike the internal 5400RPM disk drive inside the Xbox One S, this bad boy is a solid state drive which means that anything you store on it like movies, TV shows, and of course games, will load up a lot faster. Another benefit to storing your media on an external drive is that you can take it with you to your friends house, and play all your content on their Xbox. It’s a lot easier to haul around a hard drive the size of an Iphone, rather than carrying a ton of game disks with you instead. With many games these days being over 40GB, getting a 2TB (2000GB) hard drive should last you quite a while. Go check it out on Amazon if you’re interested in getting the Seagate Xbox One 2TB game drive .

soundmagic E10 earbuds -optimized

Something maybe not quite so obvious, but very handy to have with your gaming setup is a good pair of wired in-earbuds. The Soundmagic E10 wired buds are what I recommend because they’re better than skullcandy’s, less than $40, and are made with lightweight stainless steel. You might be wondering: why spend money on earbuds, when I can get a way better gaming headset? Maybe I’m the only one, but when I play a game casually, I like to have netflix playing on my laptop next to me, therefore I have one bud in and the other out so I can hear my show. Other times, I throw on the headset, and get fully immersed in the game, especially when I’m in a party chat with friends because I need the Mic. On the other hand, Earbuds are sometimes just a little more comfortable depending on the circumstances, like I just don’t always feel like putting on my big headset no matter how comfy it is. check them out on Amazon if you’re interested in getting the Soundmagic E10 wired earbuds.

xbox one elite controller

Last, and second most important is to have a good gaming controller. I recently picked up the Xbox One Elite wireless Controller, and I did a full review of it here if you’d like to know more about the product. what separates this controller from the rest is that it has paddles on the underside that you can remap any other buttons to. There’s also short throw trigger switches, that make you pull the triggers in half the time it takes normally. Three unique joystick options are included as well. All of the paddles, D-pads, and joysticks are held on magnetically which is also how you swap them out too. You’ll notice that the build quality is much better than the standard Xbox One controller, and that it has a diamond patterned rubberized grip instead of just plastic. I use this controller On the daily, and highly recommend it. check it out on Amazon if you’d like to get the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

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