Top 10 best 2017 holiday gifts for Xbox gamers!

Holiday season is right around the corner so check out these awesome gift ideas for gamers!

If you do choose to buy any of these products I’ve recommended, then i may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Lego Dimensions starter pack Xbox One -optimized

  • I definitely think that whoever combined Legos with Video games is a genius. Lego Dimensions is a “toy to life” game. What that means is, for everything that happens in the video game happens in correspondence with a physical lego piece. There’s many different starter packs available which can add a lot of expansion, and replayability to the game which is also nice. This is a great additional gift for any young Xbox gamer who also likes legos. I sure wish I had this as a kid! Check it out here if you’re interested in getting the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack .

Scuf Elite paddle control system -optimized

  • This one’s for those that want to upgrade the functionality of their standard controller without breaking the bank. The Scuf Elite Paddle controller system comes with a replaceable backdoor with four paddles attached to it, as well as a magnetically attached mulitdirectional D-pad. The paddles allow you to mimic any button with them, and ultimately shorten response time between actions which can be a life saver in fast paced games. Check out the SCUF Elite paddle control system  if you’re looking to gain an edge over the gaming competition!

Seagate game pass special edition-optimized

  • Sometimes when you buy a ton of games, storage can become a real issue. (This happens to many gamers, and it’s no one’s fault) This is where the Seagate game drive comes in. All you do is plug it in to the back of your console, and you’re literally good to go. It’s the simplest setup ever. you can then take it to your buddies house, plug it in, and you got all your games, movies, and apps right there ready to go. Check it out here if you’re interested in getting the Seagate Game Drive 2TB.

Xbox One play and charge kit-optimized

  • It’s 2017, and lets be honest: wires suck. It’s no fun to be gaming, then have to pause the action just to switch out your controller batteries, and put them back in the right way. Pick up this sweet Xbox One Play and Charge Kit and you’ll never run out of power during a game. All you do is plug the controller in when you’re done. Next time you’re ready to game, your controller will be charged, and ready to go.

Xbox One S standard white controller-optimized

  • Maybe it’s a party. Maybe local splitscreen games are the way to go. Maybe there’s just a lot of gamers in your house. For whatever reason, it’s always a good idea to have extra controllers. I’d recommend the Xbox One Wireless controller. These use bluetooth technology, so the signal strength is increased, and they’re also compatible with Windows 10 computers if you want to do a little PC gaming with it too. I like having enough of these bad boys on hand so that when the bro’s come over for game time, everyone’s covered.

Xbox One White stereo headset-optimized

  • If you don’t use a headset while gaming, you’re seriously missing out. Sometimes all it takes to bring out the best in a game is to put on a comfortable set of cans and get immersed in the experience. The Xbox Stereo Headset is an awesome headset for the price it’s at. The bells, and whistles of higher end headphones sometimes don’t justify the price, and maybe you don’t need all that either. When all a gamer wants is a lightweight pair of headphones, and a retractable microphone to talk to their buddies, the Xbox One Stereo Headset is the way to go.

xbox one elite controller

  • I can think back to when this came in the mail, and I started using it. Accuracy, speed, and precision are what the Xbox One Elite Controller are all about. Check out a full review here if you want more information about it. First off I’ll say that the customization is amazing, 4 magnetically attachable paddles on the backside are the real bread, and butter of this Controller. It’s so nice to be able to remap buttons to where ever you want, and not have to take your thumbs off of the joysticks. The joysticks themselves are magnetic as well, and have different height options with concave or domed grips. The quality of this Controller is amazingly solid, and I’d highly recommend it to any gamers out there. Check it out here, if you’re interested in getting the Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller.

turtlebeach headset-optimized

  • This headset is what I would recommend the most out of all these products. The TurtleBeach Elite Pro headset is literally the best in my opinion. I’ve worn this thing for hours, and my ears feel great. If you’re a gamer who puts in long sessions then you need this headset. The padding is all plush, and leather which feels firm but soft enough to be comfortable. The adjustment system is top notch as well. The earcups swivel to easily fit your noggin, and rest on your neck when not in use. The detachable Microphone is very convenient too, it’s able to fit in any position you want too. Check out a full review of the headset here if you want to know more about it. Also check it out here if you’re interested in getting the TurtleBeach Elite Pro headset.


  • Now here’s the big bad Xbox One X. I think many gamers know what this thing is capable of, and if you don’t then click here. 4K games, 60 FPS, HDR10, supersampling, and high resolution textures are all made possible by the Xbox One X. Your games will look stunning even if you don’t have a 4K TV too, because not all improvements are visual. This thing’s a beast, and if you’re an avid console gamer who wants all the power you can get, then check out the Xbox One X 1TB Console.


  • “Keeping it casual” is a great way to roll when talking to girls, and even when deciding on which console to buy. The Xbox One S is just a standout hit in my opinion. I use mine everyday, and it’s a champ at entertainment. Games look great, and some even have the option of HDR with a compatible TV. This is a great starting point if you’re looking to jump into the world of Xbox, or if you just want a good cheap console. If you need some more good reasons as to why this console kicks ass, then click here. Also Check it out here if you’re interested in getting the Xbox One S 1TB Console .


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