TitanFall 2 review: Literally the fastest FPS game ever made.

You thought Call of Duty was fast paced…..Think again, because TitanFall 2 is here.

Back in 2014 there was an Xbox console exclusive known as TitanFall. The game had massive amounts of hype, but the player base fizzled out within a few months after release. In 2016, TitanFall 2 made its debut on all platforms including Xbox, PS4, and PC. Is it worth buying? lets find out.

northstar titan-optimizedDesign: In my opinion, The first TitanFall set a new standard for movement mechanics within the FPS genre, and the second is no different. There’s basically two fundamentals to understand in the game: how the pilots work, and how the Titans work. If you’re completely new to TitanFall, The pilots are humans that control the massive robots called Titans. Pilot combat, and Titan combat are fairly different from each other, but the magic that makes TitanFall 2 such a fun experience is the mastery that comes with learning how to play both in synergy. As soon as you start playing, you’ll quickly see the different characteristics between the Pilots, and the Titans. Pilots are small, fast as hell, and have access to a wide range of weapons like SMG’s, assault rifles, and large caliber snipers. while the Titans are much bigger, faster than pilots, and only have one specific weapon exclusive to that Titan class. Titans, and pilots both have different classes with tactical abilities like active pilot cloaking, or Hover ability on the sniper Titan. It may seem like the Titans would be super overpowered in the game, however both the pilots, and Titans are very well balanced with each having unique ways to defeat each other. Pilots have three weapon slots which includes a primary weapon slot, secondary weapon slot, and an anti-titan weapon. For what the game offers in terms of  customization is also pretty impressive. There are plenty of weapon skins to choose from, character camos, and the same goes for Titans. You can’t compare a game like TitanFall to other popular FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield because its got that Titan aspect implemented into it, which makes for a completely unique feel, and is basically two games rolled into one.

titanfall cloak pilot-optimizedGameplay: While jetpacks, powersliding, and wall running are nothing new in the FPS genre, Titanfall 2 ramps up the speed of it all, adds awesome mechanical robot combat, and does it all with style. There is definitely a bit to learn before you’ll be flying through the air, bouncing off walls, and executing players from behind though. It does take time to learn how to shoot accurately while moving at high speeds, and if you do it with precision, amazing things can happen. Utilizing your tactical abilities, ordnances, and timing can really dictate your success in matches. Also, If you like twitchy shooters, then this might be a good game for you.

titanfall 2 beta image-optimizedVerdict: While not as popular as other FPS games, TitanFall 2 is a well put together title that has serious character customization options, skill oriented multiplayer, and incredibly fast paced movement mechanics. Another nice thing to note is that there’s only cosmetic microtransactions which means no shady “pay-to-win” business practices. If you want a game that’s entirely skill based, has super fluid combat, and frequent free DLC updates then I’d recommend giving Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition . 

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