Super Lucky’s Tale Review: a laidback 3D platformer for all ages

I really wanted to like Super Lucky’s Tale, but bad controls, and a crappy camera view made me regret buying it. 

super luckys tale E3 2017-optimized

Even when Super Lucky’s Tale launched, there was already some HEAVY competition between it, and Super Mario Odyssey. As expected, Lucky came nowhere close to beating the beast that Mario is. The game has two major flaws. One being that the controls feel sluggish, and the jumping is not precise. Another failure within the game is that the camera isn’t free floating like it should be in a 3D platformer. It won’t let you accurately judge where you are in the world, resulting in many missed jumps, and falling into the cloudy abyss. Something else that sucks: The game has less than ideal frame rates on the Xbox One S while it actually performs like it should on the Xbox One X, running at a locked 60FPS.  Level design isn’t bad, but certainly not impressive either. Mission variety isn’t where it should be either, the side quests are a tad more interesting, and also come with refreshing puzzle mechanics. As you progress through the game, completing levels, you’ll collect green little clovers which can then be used to unlock a final boss fight for each of the four worlds. Problem is, there’s an absurd amount of clovers that need to be found: 80 out of the 99 are required to fight the main boss. Going back through each level hunting for more clovers gets repetitive, and boring with a couple minutes. The gameplay is artificially padded out in order to justify its $30 price tag. For that reason, as well as the hilariously stupid control mechanics I cannot recommend this game. It sucks because Xbox could really use a good 3D platformer in its lineup. Nonetheless, check it out here if you’re interested in getting Super Lucky’s Tale.

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