Should you get Rainbow Six Siege in 2017?


If you like going tactical, then Rainbow Six Siege is your kinda game!

 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is an FPS that released in September of 2015, it’s changed quite a bit since launch, but is an absolutely amazing game to play. I enjoy the game so much because the Videogame industry hasn’t really seen this style of game before. In the past there have been games with destructability in mind, but it had never been one of the core design concepts in a game until Rainbow Six Seige launched.

The feel of the game doesn’t shout “traditional shooter”, everything is a bit slower, and more methodical most of the time. Over the lifetime of Rainbow Six Siege, there have been many patches, updates, and bug fixes that make me feel like the developers really care about the health of the game which is something you always want for the longevity of any game. At the time of me typing this, Xbox had a sale for Rainbow Six Siege, and I managed to pick up the base game for $25. That’s not a bad deal for a triple AAA title.

R6S operators image -optimized

Game modes and maps are a big part of what makes this game special, the many different operators you will have play a little differently depending on the map and gamemode which you will have to take into consideration when choosing. There’s currently 30 attacking and defending operators in the game, which gives players many options for how they want to play. The game also offers quite a lot in terms of weapon customization such as attachments, skins, and charms which are cute little items dangling from the side of your primary gun. weapon attachments are fun to mess around with, and experiment to see which one’s suit your individual needs. I always choose to run the foregrip, and holographic sight, because I like less recoil, and a wider field of view when aiming down the sights.

Map knowledge is also a key aspect in Rainbow Six Siege, it’s always helpful to know where all the camera spots are when you’re attacking, so you can take them out that way you minimize the enemies awareness of what your location is. It definitely takes time to learn all the ins and outs of each map but that’s part of the fun because you’re always learning new breaching spots, camera locations, and cheeky hiding spots etc.

R6S corner shot image-optimized

As I said before, destructability is a core design concept in Rainbow Six Siege that play’s a huge part in strategies for the attacking and defending teams in a match. for example, the attacking operator “Thermite” has a special breach charge that can blow open reinforced walls which can really open up lines of sight in the objective room and make it harder for the defender’s to protect the objective. On the flipside, the defending operator “Jager” has a deployable gadget that can destroy incoming grenades midair. Every operator, and gadget has a counter which helps make the game fairly balanced, and skill being a factor that heavily determines your success.

In my opinion, R6S will stick around for a while, the game is super popular on both Console, and on PC. If you’re thinking about picking it up, just know that the game play’s a lot faster on PC, and a bit slower on console, whichever you prefer. In the end, Rainbow Six Seige is a highly tactical, intense shooter, and I would highly recommend giving it a try. 

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