Should we be Hyped for Anthem, and will it be any good?

Anthem looks awesome, but how will it actually perform?

So I’m assuming that you watched E3 2017, and that you saw the Anthem worldwide reveal demo. If not, you can check it outĀ here. Anthem is an upcoming open world game being developed by BioWare. The studio has made previous titles such as the Mass Effect series, and the Dragon Age trilogy. Mass Effect has been known for its great story scripting, and many loved the Dragon Age games for their open world exploration. Anthem is an upcoming open world title based in the far future. After I’d seen the demo, my first thoughts were: Destiny 2, and Iron Man had a love child, and called it Anthem. Seriously, the game looks freaking awesome at a glance.

Anthem gameplay demo screenshot-optimized

I think that Anthem has the potential to be great, but at the same time it could also be just another hyped up flop (totally not referencing The Division game “wink, wink”) . The fact is that we just don’t know this early on. I hope we can all agree that the gameplay looks fantastic, however there’s many practical questions to be asked:

  • just how big is the open world?
  • how many Javelin classes will there be?
  • what enemy types can we expect to see?
  • what about actual content like main missions, and side quests?
  • DLC expansions?

Anthem open exploration-optimized

The game is set to release in Fall of 2018, meaning we’re pretty far out from launch. So, should we be hyped for Anthem? I’m gonna yes for a few reasons. BioWare has plenty of experience with open world games, and they also know how to make a good third person shooter like Mass Effect, for example. Something else quite exciting about Anthem is that it’s got a dynamic open world which means that non scripted events can happen like the “shaper storm” shown in the demo. If the developers pull it off right, this could really make the open world feel alive, which is an awesome feeling to have in a video game. For more information on Anthem, keep it locked right here, and if you’re thinking about jumping ship to the land of Xbox, check out my review of theĀ Xbox One S!

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