PUBG reaches over 3 million players on Xbox One!

 PUBG quickly topped the charts on PC, and even with a rough start in the Xbox preview program, the game has finally amassed over 3 million players.

The pressure is definitely on for developers at PUBG Corp to improve the game, and add more content in the coming months. Since it was added to the preview program back in Dec 12th of 2017, PUBG isn’t nearly as buggy, and doesn’t crash as much either. The game itself is amazing, but the optimization isn’t quite there yet. Nonetheless, the developers are working hard to bring us frequent updates, and patches. Support for PUBG has been tremendous over the past few months, and even the developers at The Coalition have given their insights on controller support, aiming, and player movement. in the recent few patches, frame rate improvements have been made, as well as server side stability, and general matchmaking has been made a bit quicker.  

PUBG Miramar map image-optimized

The new map known as “Miramar” has been available on the public testing server for PC Battlegrounds, and the team at PUBG corp have stated they plan to bring it to Xbox in a later update. Additional game optimization is always on the way, as there have already been a few “quality of life” updates so far. While it doesn’t have the backing of a major publisher quite yet, PUBG has gained so much momentum, and Microsoft is beginning to take advantage of that. As of now it looks like Xbox has a decent Exclusive title they can add to their list, and that will definitely make their games lineup more interesting for 2018, alongside the launch of Sea of Thieves. Check out our latest review of PUBG for more info! Hopefully soon we’ll see new weapons, vehicles, and gear added in, so make sure to subscribe for the latest news on all things Xbox! 

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