PUBG: Game review in progress.

Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds was a little known FPS game on PC that exploded in popularity, and now it’s coming Exclusively to Xbox One!So PUBG was made by a small games company called “BlueHole”. The game was launched on Steam one day, and basically became an over night success. Recently the developers partnered with Microsoft, and launched PUBG Exclusively on Xbox One.

  • The whole point of PUBG is to loot buildings, gather your gear, and slowly kill each other off until there’s only one player left.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

PUBG AWM sniper image-optimized

It’s a fairly straightforward game with a few curveballs you’ll have to look out for if you want to survive. First being the designated player areas. It starts out as a big circle which shrinks every 5 minutes, forcing the players closer to each other, and keeping the game flowing smoothly.

PUBG lvl 1 backpack image-optimized

Obviously, Another thing you’ll have to be alert to is enemy players, especially when in towns, and out in the open grasslands. You spawn in with 99 other players inhabiting the map. Thankfully the map is huge, giving you time to gather supplies, and find the coveted frying pan, before moving in to the center to duke it out. As you can imagine, it’s quite hard to win at PUBG, however when you do, The developers will mail you a chicken dinner. Sound is a big factor as well, so a good headset can help you better locate player footsteps, and gunshots. Once you’re on the ground, you’ll want to head to the nearest building, and find a weapon pronto. It won’t always be the same loot though, because it’s randomized for each game.

  • part of the fun in PUBG is customizing the weapons you find.

Currently there’s a wide range of guns including pistols, SMG’s, shotguns, assualt rifles, and Sniper rifles. All of them can be equipped with attachments found throughout the map. It’s worth picking up any attachments even if you don’t have the required weapon yet, because you may find it later on.

  • The two attachments I found to be the most useful were the rifle suppressor, and the Acog scope.

PUBG dune buggy explosion image-optimized

  • So how good does PUBG run on Xbox One?

Ehhhhh, not very good. Lets not get ahead of ourselves though, we have to remember that the game is unfinished, and will likely be much more optimized when the day of release comes. When I play it on my Xbox One S, the frame rate stays fairly solid at 30FPS, and that’s really not too bad considering the amount of players the server has to deal with.

  • Should I buy PUBG?

Definitely. Games that provide a completely unique experience every single time you jump into a match are hard to come by, and this one is soooo worth its price tag of $30. Keep in mind, PUBG will be improving over time, and getting game updates at no extra cost to you. Check it out here if you’re interested in getting Player Unknown’s BattleGrounds on Xbox One!

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