Ninja Plus Plus review: The epitome of what platformer game physics should be!

Wildly hilarious animations, as well as rage inducing levels will make you fall in love with Ninja Plus Plus, because this is a seriously fun 2D platforming game! 

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  • So recently a cousin of mine remembered the name of a game we all use to play way back on the Xbox 360, and it was simply called “Ninja”.

A couple years go by, as well as two games later, and here we are with Ninja Plus Plus. It’s a 2D platformer set in a sort of futuristic, and retro time period with awesome color efffects. You play as a stick figure Ninja trying to navigate the many unlockable levels that get harder, and harder as you go. A fun addition to the game is the all new level creator which lets you build entire levels however you want. It’s cool that with the new level creator, there’s finally a reason to come back to the game once all the premade levels are completed.

  • The true fun that comes from Ninja Plus Plus lies within the physics at play.

The simple intuitiveness of jumping, sliding, sprinting, and wall running requires precise timing, which adds to the chaos. You’ll quickly find that holding the jump button will send you flying farther as well as higher. Another move that took me a bit to figure out involves gaining speed by running on angles, and then jumping which sends you flying at greater speeds.

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Throughout the levels, you’ll encounter different enemies like the ninja-seeking missiles, or the giant blue balls of energy, the mines that are literally everywhere, and of course the machine gun turret. Dodging all of these can get quite challenging if you’re trying to collect all the gold, let alone complete the level. Height can also play a factor, don’t fall too far or you’ll go SPLAT!

Verdict: for $15, I’d say it’s worth it. Ninja Plus Plus has local 4 player co-op which is awesome, there’s a custom level creator that adds replayability, and the stick figure Ninja character is just funny to watch.

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