Mixer review: should you start Game Streaming on Xbox?

Ever thought about being a Game Streamer?, then you should try Mixer!

Once upon a time there was a software company called “Beam” that got bought out by microsoft, because the boys in the suits thought it would be groovy if Xbox had its own Exclusive Live Streaming platform built right into the Xbox dashboard. Come 2017, some decent sized changes have been made, so if you’re thinking about becoming a Streamer, read on.

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Design: I did leave you hanging a bit, so I’ll explain: “Beam” is what Mixer Interactive used to be called, but the Developers behind it said the name didn’t fit with their vision for the platform, so now we have Mixer. Probably the main feature that makes Mixer stand out from other Streaming platforms is that it’s got Low Latency technology. This means that The time it takes to see interactions between The streamer, the content on screen, and the viewers, is very low. It actually lives up to the the term “Live Streaming” because everything is literally happening in real time. This can make for a more enjoyable experience for both the viewers, as well as the streamers because everything is happening with little to no delay, so it feels like a more natural conversation. Mixer also has an exclusive feature where up to four streamers can do a “Co-Stream” with the chat feed all on one page for the viewers. This feature is absolutely awesome for friends that want to stream together, it also just makes the whole experience bigger, and feel a lot more like a big online party.

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There’s a few other reasons why Mixer works so well on Xbox, and Windows 10. One of the reasons is the software that makes up Mixer has been extremely well optimized to run on the hardware of Xbox, much like Xbox Exclusive games. Instead of making it run “just ok” on all platforms, the developers can spend their time making it run really good on just Xbox, and Windows 10. Mixer also has the potential for you to make some money while Streaming. Like If you gain a big enough following, you can apply for a partnership with Mixer, that can generate you some nice income on the side. In the recent Xbox system update, support for external webcams was added, which is great for content creators, and Streamers. I think Mixer is ready for the future of Xbox gaming , and all it needs now is a bigger Userbase. Youtube, and Twitch are already pretty well established platforms, but Mixer is gradually catching up.

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Verdict: Since Mixer is now an integral part of Xbox, and a giant leap forward for the community, I can’t help but recommend you check it out, and go watch some lively Streamers. Better yet, if you’re thinking about doing some Streaming of your own, check out the Logitech C922x streaming webcamThis webcam has background replacement technology, so you can choose what your viewers see as your background, which can be handy if you have a horrendously messy room. I’ve used this camera before and the quality is pretty impressive for the small size that it comes in. The setup is super simple too, all you do is plug in the USB cable to your console, then mount it on the top of your monitor or TV, and you’re ready to go. If you have the time, and are good at a few games, then I personally think you should try Streaming on Mixer, because that’s how people get successful from Live Streaming, and you’ll make the Gaming community better in general. Game Streaming has really blown up in the past few years, and Mixer makes for a great platform to watch, or Stream on. Just know that anyone can be a Streamer, all you need to do is let out your own unique personality, make people laugh, and be the best at whatever it is you do on your stream.

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