Minecraft current review, should you buy it?

Minecraft is on fire, and is a perfect addition to the creative mind!

Minecraft is quite possibly the most entertaining videogame ever, and for $20 it might make you wonder why. Minecraft for PC was released in 2009, and it became very popular very fast. Microsoft saw the potential of the game and bought the developer company early on for a couple billion dollars. The Xbox 360 version of the game was released in 2012, and quickly rose to be one of the most played games on Xbox. As soon as the Xbox One was released in 2013, minecraft became much better, and a whole lot more popular.

Minecraft is a game built around creativity. The core of the game is all about building whatever you want, and or exploring the procedurally generated random world you’re in. The two main game modes are survival, and creative. In survival mode you have to find, build, and create everything you want. In creative, everything within the game is accessible to the player to do whatever they want with. Minecraft also has fantasy elements, different dimensions, and boss battles which do wonders to spice up the game. I enjoy playing in survival mode, there are tons of achievements to get, and the feeling you get when you build a sweet house or get some good loot is awesome because you know you had to work for it. The different dimensions add a nice feeling of expandability to the game because there’s so much to explore. The four dimensions are the overworld, the nether, the end, and the end city. Each dimension has it’s own unique place in the game because each one has something special to offer. Boss battles are also a fun side challenge that can have very lucrative rewards when you defeat them. Want the ender dragon egg as a souvenir? you’ll have to gear up, find the end portal, enter the end with your battle bro’s, and defeat the ender dragon.

Minecraft battle mini game-optimized

As with every new console release, the graphics get better, the resolution gets better, the network gets better, and so on. When Minecraft made the jump to Xbox One, the difference was extremely noticeble in game. The graphical fidelity and overall look of the game improved greatly. Many little animations in the game looked much sharper, and four player splitscreen ran a lot smoother. Minecraft isn’t a super graphically intensive game but it does have it’s own unique graphic art that sets itself apart in a really good way. Soon, when the Xbox One X is released, minecraft will be getting a graphics overhaul. The update is called the “super duper graphics pack” and it looks amazing! With the update, Minecraft will take full advantage of the hardware within Xbox One X. HDR will be added into the game as well as volumetric lighting, dynamic new lightboxes, god rays, and parallax mirror reflections on water surfaces. I’ll link a video here  if you would like to see what all the new changes will make Minecraft look like in the future.

Minecraft super duper graphics pack-optimized

Another update that’s coming soon, and is already in beta is called the “better together update”. This update aims to unite players into ONE version of Minecraft. All versions of minecraft (except the PC java version) across all platforms will be able to play together in private games and on community created servers. Nintendo Switch, android mobile, IOS, Xbox, and Windows 10 PC will all be able to play with each other on the same world or Server. Currently, Sony will not be joining the party due to competitive reasons, but maybe they’ll make a deal with Microsoft eventually. Who knows…..

Whenever I’m looking to buy a new game, I always look to see if the amount of entertainment I’m getting is worth the price. Minecraft is definitely one of those games that’s worth it. there are virtually limitless things to explore, do, and build in the world around you. Minecraft is and always will be a game with continous updates, patches, and new features being introduced to the players. It’s amazing to see a game that’s built around pure creativity, and that has such a bright future. Let me know of any future game reviews you would like me to do in the comments below! Check it out here if you’re interested in getting the Minecraft Xbox One edition.

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