Minecraft Aquatic Update coming 2018!

So at Minecon Earth we saw a few of the new features to be added into the game later this year, however there were many additions that weren’t talked about much, so Let’s take a look at everything that’s included in the Aquatic Update for 2018!

Since this update is focused on the oceans of Minecraft, it only made sense to bring in a wildy awesome weapon of the sea right?

Minecraft trident image-optimized

The Trident: As of right now, all we know about this new weapon is that it can be used as either a throwable spear, or swung like a sword in melee combat. We still don’t know how to obtain it, however we do know that there’ll be three new enchantments players can apply to it:

  • Loyalty: this returns the trident back to the player after it’s been thrown.
  • Impaler: Not sure what this one does yet, but most likely a “sharpness” equivalent.
  • Slipstream Dash: Hopefully this one takes you with the trident as you throw it, because that would be super fun.

Bubble columns: I wasn’t able to get an image for this, but basically the ocean floor will be dotted with magma blocks that create bubble columns which will rise to the surface, and sink anything caught in them.

Minecraft kelp and coral image -optimized

Kelp, and Coral reefs: You can’t tell from the image but the kelp actually sways back and forth like it would in real life. This will definitely add some much needed color, and vibrancy in the ocean biome. The reefs will also be home to many of the new fish variety, including tropical fish. You’ll also now be able to scoop up fish in a bucket, i’m going to build a huge aquarium in my house!

Minecraft shipwreck image-optimized

Shipwrecks: Sadly we weren’t really given much to go on with this image, as it only reveals the stern of the ship, and possibly the captains quarters beneath it. There will be loot chests though, so put on your aqua affinity helmet, and start scouring the ocean floor in search of that sweet sunken treasure!

Minecraft Ocean terrain image -optimized

IceBergs: Along with all the cool new stuff being added under the ocean, there’s also going to be new terrain added topside. The new ocean biome will now have warm, and cold areas. The colder areas will have Icebergs, and ice on the surface, while warmer areas will be home to coral reefs, and plenty of fish. So far, we don’t have any information on how this will affect shipwreck spawns, and ocean monuments.

minecraft new water physics -optimized

New water physics: so far we don’t know much about this, however Jens Bergenstein has commented on the subject:

“The things we showed at MineCon may have been too much, so we’re trying more simple ways of doing the water physics, more similar to the old style………….we want water physics to work like they do today………”

Water will soon be able to flow through non solid blocks like fences, and slabs along with a few other improvements.

Minecraft aqautic update -optimizedPsssst! check out the new swimming animation! Minecraft turtle image-optimized

Minecraft Mob B image-optimized

Dolphins, and Turtles: Three new mobs being added in one update is pretty impressive, one of which will be super helpful to the player. The dolphin will apparently lead you right to a sunken ship, and thus save you all that time you would’ve spent searching for it! The turtle on the other hand, well we don’t know what he does yet besides just swimming around looking cool. Then there’s mob B or “monster of the night skies”, the name will most likely be changed though once the Aquatic Update is near release. This scary looking glorified bat will spawn at high altitudes in groups, and swoop down to attack players who haven’t slept in a bed for awhile.

 Lead developer “Jeb” said the textures are all subject to change so these might not even be what the final dolphin, and turtle will look like. He also stated that there’s much more within the Aquatic Update that hasn’t been revealed yet. 

That’s all we have for the Aquatic Update right now, however there’s one more thing coming to Minecraft in 2018!

Minecraft super duper GP forest image-optimized

Originally set for release in 2017, the super duper graphics pack has been pushed back to no later than 2018 due to the developers working out the kinks, and making it the best experience for us gamers. It’s definitely going to look great on the Xbox One X, and of course Windows 10 PC. let me know of what you think should be added to Minecraft in the comments below!

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