Limited Edition Minecraft Xbox One S: is it worth buying?

This one’s for all the Xbox, and Minecraft collectors out there…

Honestly I think absolutely no one expected to see a limited edition Xbox One S when we’re so freakin close to the launch of Xbox One X. It just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Nonetheless, lets discuss whether or not this console is worth getting at this late in the game.

Design: I have to give credit to Xbox, because they did a stellar job making this console stand out in a totally “Minecraft way”.

minecraft console backside-optimizedThe Only way to truly appreciate the console is to have it sitting vertically where you can see the underside, and get all the little details. When it’s turned on, you’ll see the redstone dust light up red which looks super cool in darker environments. The printed theme of dirt on the top, and sides really sells the Minecraft vibe as well as having stone prints surrounding the redstone area. Another cool inclusion to the set is the new Xbox One controller with a creeper design on it, and a block of TNT on the battery hatch.

minecraft creeper controller-optimizedThere’s also a Minecraft pig themed controller, which isn’t included with the set, and it should be noted that both of these controllers are sold separately if you don’t want to get the console.

minecraft pig controller-optimized

Included Features: It’d be pretty lame if a Minecraft themed Xbox didn’t actually come with a copy of the game itself right? this bundle comes with a digital download of the game, and the DLC Redstone pack. The vertical stand is also included so you can stand the console on its side, and display all the cool details. Another nice inclusion is a 30 day trial for Xbox game pass which I did a review of if you want to check it out here: Should I get Xbox Game Pass?, and a standard 14 day trial for Xbox Live Gold. It’s also nice to have a 1TB hard drive so you’ll be able to download plenty of games.

Verdict: I think that for $400, this console may be a bit pricey for most folks, and I’m not sure if I can recommend it to all but the most diehard Minecraft fans. Of course, if you are in the market for a new console, then check out my review of the Xbox One S. A much cheaper option would be to get the Xbox One S 1TB Console .What your decision will come down to is this: If you’re going to buy a brand new Xbox to use for a couple years, then why not have it be super unique and cool looking? check out the Minecraft Limited edition Xbox One 1TB because this console is definitely One of a kind! 

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