Kontrol Freek FPS Vortex Thumbsticks review: they actually make a difference!

It’s honestly a bit weird how just a little bit of extra height on your controller thumbsticks can make you a better FPS player. These Kontrol Freek thumbsticks will definitely help you improve your reflexes, as well as accuracy.

So I typically use an Xbox One Elite Controller, which has a couple different thumbstick options, and I tend to go with the higher domed thumbsticks. Problem is, the domed thumbsticks are good for aiming, but not for moving my character.

  • Nice thing about the Vortex FPS thumbsticks is that one is concaved, and the other is domed.

I put the domed one on the right analog stick because it’s beneficial for me to roll my thumb when aiming. I use the concaved one on the left analog stick where my thumb generally rests in the indent, and is used for moving my character. This setup works out well, because of the nice grip on the Kontrol Freek sticks. It’s just a simple swirl design, but damn, it works good. Since it’s a swirl, your thumb can be moving in any direction, and it won’t matter because you’ll always have the grip to support it. Lately I’ve been playing a lot of PUBG, and these thumbsticks have been a huge help in improving my accuracy over long range engagements.

Kontrol Freek FPS Vortex package view -optimized

  • It’s recommended that you don’t take off the thumbsticks too often because while the clamps that hold it to the controller are robust, there’s a possibility they might break over time if you’re hard on them.

While I won’t deny, a good controller, and a nice headset can be beneficial, you don’t need all that fancy stuff to get better at a game. Sometimes the simplest things like two pieces of plastic that raise your thumbs up can make all the difference between getting the victory, and going back to the home screen trying to figure out what went wrong. I found these to be quite helpful for the price, so Check them out on Amazon if you’re interested in getting the Kontrol Freek FPS Vortex thumbsticks.

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