Is this the best way to get Xbox One games?

Its basically Netflix for games, and a great way to get Xbox One games!

Xbox Game Pass was released to the Xbox community on June 1st 2017, and If you’ve ever wanted a Netflix for games then this is it. At launch, The service granted users access to over 100 Xbox One games as well as backward compatible Xbox 360 games. It should be noted however, that you don’t need an Xbox Live gold subscription in order to get Game Pass, which is a standalone service. If you do choose to subscribe, then you’ll also get 20% discounts on the games included, and 10% discounts on any DLC content as well. Xbox is also adding games to the service on a monthly basis, so there will always be more games to try out. I myself am not currently interested in getting Game Pass because none of the games included in the subscription look very appealing to me.

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I’m perfectly happy paying for Xbox Live and buying the games that look fun to me. That isn’t to say that no one should get Game Pass though, if you’re new to gaming and are just looking to play a wide variety of games to see which genre you like best, then Game Pass would totally make sense for you. Of course, once you find some good games, you can then buy them for cheaper prices too. The games in the library are from a wide range of publishers as well which makes for a fun diverse experience. It’s good that Xbox came out with a competitor to Sony’s Playstation Now service.

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The huge problem with Playstation Now is that you have to stream the games to your PS4, whereas with Xbox Game Pass you can download them directly to your Xbox. Another thing to consider is If you love racking up gamerscore, getting tons of achievements, and playing splitscreen games with your friends, then Game Pass might be a good fit for you. Since Xbox is constantly adding new games to the Game Pass library, the game discounts are great, and the $10 cost is reasonable, I would have to recommend the service to anyone looking to dive into Xbox One games for little upfront cost. The service will only become a better value over time as the game library gets bigger, so you really can’t go wrong with shelling out $10 a month for a huge selection of great games. I hope this helped make your decision a little easier.


    1. Fun fact: starwars battlefront 2 is the third most expensive game ever developed with a total cost of $235 million. With this kind of budget, the game better be good. I’m thinking of doing a review
      On the game soon if you’re interested. Another thing to note is that the game will be available on the EA access if you have the subscription, so you could experience the game for a bit cheaper. Hope this helps!

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