Forza Horizon 3: The best racing game ever.

Racing games just don’t get any better than Forza Horizon 3!

If you take an interest at all in cars and gaming then I’ll save you some time: Go buy Forza Horizon 3 right now. If you’d like a more in depth explanation as to why I love, and highly recommend this game, then read on.

If you don’t know, all of the Forza Games are exclusive to Xbox, which makes this one more reason to jump on the Xbox bandwagon, and enjoy the best racing series in gaming history. There are two branches of the forza games: The motorsport series and the Horizon series. The big difference between these two is that the Motorsport series has tons of tracks available to race on, which all exist in real life. the Horizon series are entirely open world, and set in real life locations as well. Obviously there are three forza Horizon games with the 3rd being set in the beautiful outback of Australia. Forza Horizon 3 was released on September 27th, 2016, and so far it’s sold over 2.5 million copies.

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It really boggles my mind to think of how long it must have taken to get the engine audio sounds for over 350 cars. As you hit the throttle, you can hear the high pitched scream of the engine acelerating, and the RPM ramp up, which sounds awesome paired with a good surround sound headset. Tuning your cars has always been a core staple of the Forza games, and it’s better than ever in this racing installment. Aside from literally every performance car part you can think of, there are also many cosmetic customization options. You can pretty much paint your car any way you like, put on sweet graphics, and create or find community made paint jobs as well. It gets really fun when you start tuning your car though. For example, I love doing drift car builds. I bought a stock Toyota Apex Trueno, added all the street racing parts I wanted, and converted the engine to a positive displacement single race turbo with around 600HP. After that I did some tuning to the tire pressure, and made the first few gears have a higher redline. Needless to say, I can do 5th gear burnouts all day, and it handles like a dream. My point is that there’s so much possibility when it comes to making your cars handle the way you want them to, and thats the real magic of this game. Of course, having kickass cars doesn’t mean much if there’s no roads to drive on.

The open world of Australia presents over 450 roads to be discovered, 16 street races scattered around the map, and tons of smaller showcase racing events to compete in. Racing takes place everywhere in the world: on the streets, through the country side, through rivers, on dirt roads, and even on the beach. When you’re driving around, you’ll notice the weather change, rain starts to fall, and the road becomes slick. Thanks to the dynamic new weather system, your driving experience will be affected by different types of weather which occurs randomly. The attention to detail is stunning too, if you’re driving in first person mode, when it rains you’ll notice the individual raindrops that hit your windshield, or the puddles that begin to form on the ground. it’s hard to believe that Forza Horizon 3 runs at a solid 1080P 30FPS as well, thanks to the power of Xbox One S. If you’re on the fence about getting this game, then just know that when the new Xbox One X releases, FH3 will be getting a graphical upgrade so it can take full advantage of the new hardware.

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Forza Horizon 3 has also brought some pretty strong post-launch DLC content including 2 new expansion packs, and 10 new car packs. The first expansion pack is called “Blizzard Mountain”, and it takes place in a very snowy environment surrounding a big mountain. The driving experience will be different in this expansion due to there being snow and ice everywhere which will heavily affect how your car handles. Of course, there are snow tires available for every car you have, so it’ll be fun either way. The second expansion is called the “Hotwheels” pack. It doesn’t take much to explain what this pack is all about. You’ll be seeing lot’s of bright orange tracks, loops, boost pads, huge jumps, and insane speeds to top it off.

I’ve always liked the Forza racing games, and this one is by far the best. The game itself has so much to do aside from racing. Just exploring the gorgeous landscape is what I do the most. The expansion content is priced fairly in my opinion, and will definitely add some extra fun into the game. Forza Horizon 3 is a step above other racing games in terms of scale, authenticity, and customization. It’s a game I’ll never forget, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I do. For more game reviews like this, be sure to let me know of your ideas in the comments below! Check it out here if you’re interested in gettingĀ Forza Horizon 3 .

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