Find out why the Xbox One X may be right for you!

With the Xbox One X being released soon, you might be wondering: is this the right console for me?Less than two weeks is all the time we have left to wait, and I think We’re all wondering if it’s worth buying so here’s a few reasons why the Xbox One X may be right for you.

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Obviously the best reason to get the Xbox One X is for the games. All of the new Xbox Exclusive titles coming soon, as well as many that are already available, will be upgraded to run better on this console. For example, many of the Halo games are being basically remastered to look amazing on the new hardware. Gears of War 4 is going to have the option of running at 60 FPS in the new performance mode. Sea of Thieves will be playable in 4K, with HDR, and other visual enhancements. Many third party titles will also be optimized to run best on the console too. A good example of this is Assassins Creed Origins which will run at 4K UHD, have increased foliage density in the world, and much longer draw distances all around. HDR is also built in to the game, so the Egyptian sunsets are going to look absolutely dope.

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The words “future proof”, and “gaming console” have never really gone together, until now. The Xbox One X is basically a compact high end gaming PC. While it doesn’t have the upgradeability of a traditional desktop computer, it does have plenty of power to easily last you a couple years, all while keeping your games looking fly. The fact that this console is capable of 4K gaming, means we are slowly bridging that gap between console, and PC which is a nice step forward in my opinion. Xbox One X will be rocking 12GB of high bandwidth memory that’ll make your games load faster, enable bigger worlds, and enhance the overall snappiness of the home menu. Despite some serious competition, I think it’s pretty clear why you would buy this console. If you’re a gamer with a 4K TV, you want the most powerful hardware in a console, and you don’t want to deal with setting up a PC (many people would rather not) then the Xbox One X makes a lot of sense. It comes down to a price justification as well. Are you willing to spend $500 on a box that sits in your living room? Albeit it’s a very capable box that can definitely make the best use out of your 4K TV. If you have enough disposable income, or just care that much about gaming then go for it dude, because I do think it’ll be worth it.

Verdict: So is the Xbox One X right for you?

  • Do you want the best game visuals without jumping to PC?
  • Do you like the idea of a console lasting more than just a few years?
  • Are you willing to spend $500 for the best gaming experience on a console?
  • Do you already own a 4K TV?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then I think you’re in the clear to go get an Xbox One X . If not, check out my review of last years Xbox One S, which is still an awesome console, and has easily the most value for the price.

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