Best software to have while Gaming!

Aside from having the best setup, or the best games, there is some software that can make your gaming experience a lot better! 

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Mixer: Honestly, there’s not many game streaming services to choose from, so when I find one that stands out, I gotta talk about it. Mixer Interactive (formerly known as Beam) is a streaming platform Exclusive to Xbox. Like the jumping robot memes on youtube, this technology is pretty advanced. Most other platforms like Twitch, or Smashcast have a delay before the viewers see what’s happening. What makes Mixer special is that it cuts out the lag almost entirely. It’s a lot of fun to stream with your buddies through the new co-streaming feature too. All in all, Mixer has done a lot to improve the community on Xbox, and it’s only getting better. Check out a full review of Mixer here.

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Discord: I first started using Discord for PC gaming, and I quickly saw that it could be used for much more than that. Lets say you’ve got a group of buddies on Xbox, or maybe you’re trying to build a gaming clan, and obviously you’ll need a means of communication right? try Discord, a communication software designed specifically for gaming, which also includes voice, and video chat. This pretty much blows Skype out of the water, and once you try it you’ll never go back. Sadly there’s no native Xbox app for Discord yet, however there is an IOS/Android app for it. As well as a desktop app for MAC, and Windows. The interface is easy to navigate, there’s no advertisements, and it’s completely free to use. Join my Discord server here!

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Spotify: It came as a huge suprise to me that sometime in 2016, the Spotify app was put on Xbox. I’ve been using it ever since. Music just makes the Video Game experience better in my opinion. Obviously it doesn’t apply to every situation, some games require precise attention to the in-game sounds, but if you’re just casually gaming with the Bro’s, it’s a lot of fun. The audio mixer lets you balance out the sound so you can hear the game, hear your buddies, and hear the music at whatever level you want. It gets even better when you have a kickass headset like the TurtleBeach Elite Pro to really blast the music! 





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