Assassins Creed Origins: A total masterpiece.

Amazing RPG elements, slick fighting mechanics, and a well rounded story are all what make Assassins Creed Origins the best one yet. 

With previous Assassins creed games not doing as well as expected, the developers at Ubisoft Montreal decided to take extended time off, and go back to the foundations of the franchise. Now here we are in 2017 with Assassins Creed Origins, which takes you back to find out how the brotherhood came to be. So what’s new about it? Why should I get it?  Is there a number at the top of the screen that displays how many people you killed?

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World Size: It always leaves me a bit wary when an open world game is revealed, because it lends the question of “how much is actually playable?”. I was worrried that this game was gonna be just a few dense cities surrounded by boring desert. That’s definitely not the case with Assassins creed Origins. In the six or so hours that I’ve played, being in the desert has never been so much fun. Once out in the open sand, I encountered bandit camps, beautiful Oasis’s, and wild animals begging to be shot in the head with a predator arrow. I’d say that there’s just enough open desert hills, and not too much to the point that it’s boring. The cities on the other hand are dense, full of exploration, and home to much of the games main storyline as well as sidequests. I could honestly just spend hours finding cool places to free climb up to, and then jumping onto enemies from absurd heights. All in all, there’s plenty of places to explore, and I think you’ll be busy for awhile.

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Gameplay: I think we all have that one deciding factor that really makes or breaks a game for us. I’m partial to the movement mechanics within a game. Assassins Creed Origins did a really good job with how Bayek moves around, and interacts with the world. It just feels natural, and the animations are smooth as butter. Climbing is fairly intuitive, because sometimes you can’t just go straight up, you have to move around, and find handholds. When climbing you can also stop, and bayek will just hang there on the wall looking like a total free climbing badass. Running, crouching, and mantling animations also feel much more natural than previous Assassins Creed games as well.

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Combat: So in previous Assassins creed titles, all combat scenarios used what is called a “paired animation system”. This meant that when your character swung his or her weapon, it always collided with an enemy that’s in a relative range. The hand to hand combat system has now been completely revamped, because your weapon has a range value to it, and you have to be more precise when attacking. So you won’t be able to just swing into open air, and expect to hit something. This adds more depth to the game, and layers in some RPG elements of choosing your weapons for specific fights. As with previous games, there’s also a lock on feature that works well with the new weapon mechanics, and makes for an awesome fighting experience. Ranged weapons like bows, and throwing knives also spice up the mix too. There are four different types of bows: Warrior bow, predator bow, light bow, and hunter bow. Each one has its own unique attributes that work best for certain situations, and can be upgraded for added benefits. A variety of swords, daggers, spears, and shields all give you the choice on how you want to build your character loadout too.

  • Do you like being light on your feet, and playing stealthy?

Get a pair of daggers, upgrade your hidden blade, and use the hunter bow.

  • Would you rather bring on the damage, and have everyone know it?

Go with a big shield, sword, and roll with the warrior bow

There’s endless ways to get through the game, however part of the fun is figuring out what your playstyle is, and then building on that.

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Verdict: Assassins Creed Origins is an amazing open world game, and the best one I’ve experienced so far. The game will easily last you 50 hours, and that’s a damn good value for the price of $60. If you’re looking for the next best Open world game, I’d recommend giving Assassin’s Creed Origins a try.

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