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Minecraft Aquatic Update coming 2018!

So at Minecon Earth we saw a few of the new features to be added into the game later this year, however there were many additions that weren’t talked about much, so Let’s take a look at everything that’s included in the Aquatic Update for 2018!

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Sea of Thieves is probably the best way to become a pirate…

Instead of buying a boat, and sailing the high seas, you could just get Sea of Thieves on Xbox. We finally have a release date for this upcoming Exclusive, so let’s see if it’s going to be worth the hype! 

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Are Video game Microtransactions bad?

2017 has been a fairly controversial time for the gaming Industry, as microtransactions seem to squander our favorite games, and make us distrust the developers who should be our friends in the first place. So, are Microtransactions hurting the gaming Industry?

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Kontrol Freek FPS Vortex Thumbsticks review: they actually make a difference!

It’s honestly a bit weird how just a little bit of extra height on your controller thumbsticks can make you a better FPS player. These Kontrol Freek thumbsticks will definitely help you improve your reflexes, as well as accuracy.

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Xbox One Patrol Tech Controller Review: A worthy mid-range upgrade.

After releasing the Xbox One S, it only made sense that we see more first party peripherals, and the new Patrol Tech controller lineup is a nice refresh from the standard black gamepad we’ve grown accustomed to.   A more “premium” option.  While many gamers are just fine with the standard Xbox controller, there are always those that want a …

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